Me and my grandpa, Angel Cerna, were best friends. He was there when I had my first baptism and I still have some pictures of us on that day.

Whenever I slept over, I got to sleep with his surgery pillow. And on the day after, when we got up in morning, we used to get McDonald’s.

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One time, he went with us to Shea Stadium to watch the Mets play, and he is a Yankees fan! That just shows you what great buddies we were.

I always have a birthday party in the summer and he never missed one. I also remember us going shopping together and him telling me: “Get whatever you want.” One year, I got a toy basketball hoop.

The last time I saw him healthy was Labor Day. When he came to the party, I remember he did not eat and I just wanted to sit there on his lap. I said bye and then he left us.