With the new “Transformers” movie due out next month, I was asked to check out the toy Transformers: Titans Return Emissary & Cerebros Fortress Maximus (Hasbro).

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There are many things I like about the Fort Maximus toy. There are three different forms the robot transforms into — battle mode, city mode and robot mode. Fort Maximus also comes with two smaller characters to play with. Those characters are Cerebros and Emissary. It also has features like turrets that come out. This toy had about 15 steps to build and took only about 15 minutes to assemble. Putting the toy together was not difficult, although one particular step may need some adult assistance. Additionally, you can buy other Transformer sets to connect to the Fort Maximus.

However, this toy has some downsides. It may be a little too heavy for smaller kids to play with. It is appropriate for kids age 8 and older. It’s not easy to transport because it’s heavy and bulky. It also would be more fun to play with if it came with more than two extra characters. Otherwise, I think it’s a great toy.

Rating: 4 smiles