Did you know horses wear shoes? Would you ever believe they could be sold on the market? Well, not the clean ones, the dirty ones. My younger sister and I get used horseshoes from the blacksmith, then clean them by hand and paint them, too. We wire them so the buyers can hang them up.

My mom and dad are trainers at Belmont Park racetrack, and I visit them often. About once a month, the horseshoes have to be changed, and they used to throw out a lot of the old shoes. Now, my sister, Emily, and I take them.

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The best part is, Emily and I sell them for $5. Also, $1 of the purchase goes to a charity of your choice.

We have sold more than 70 shoes. That’s a lot of money that goes to charity. I got the idea in fourth grade. Well, not me, my mom. It was my birthday, and we needed a goody for my class. So I decorated 24 horseshoes, and then about a year later we made a business out of it.

I hope you can buy a lucky horseshoe. So, stop by Belmont racetrack and look for the Tack Room store. The horseshoe treasures are on the front desk.