It was Aug. 6, 2015, it was a hot summer day and I was not smelling too good. I had to go to Target for something.

So when I got there, I went to the sports section. I was looking at the basketball equipment. I saw a sign that said deodorant and cologne, and I saw an arrow that pointed right, so I told my dad I’d be in that area.

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I thought then that deodorant and cologne were toys, but when I took a better look and used them, they seemed more like products. I took the cologne and sprayed it. Of course, I coughed, but I also went to my dad and asked, “What’s deodorant and cologne?” He said, “It’s to make you smell good so you don’t smell bad.”

So, of course, I bought it and put it on. I actually smelled great, and things have gotten better. There are those long days when by the end I still stink, but it is an improvement. From that day on, I would always get Axe cologne and deodorant.