We are students at Buckley Country Day School and one of the requirements of this school is that we have to wear a uniform. There are lots of kids who have good and bad feelings about school uniforms, and we put a list together:


n You don’t have to pick out your outfit every day.

n People can’t judge you for your style.

n We are like one big family because we all look the same.

n You may be able to add little things (pins) to express yourself.

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n You don’t get to be as unique as when picking out your own outfit.

n Even if you don’t like the feeling or the style, you still have to wear it.

n You have to wash it a lot.

n The look is a little dull.

We both agree that we like wearing the uniform and we have both been going here for a few years. It is one less thing we have to think or worry about when going to school.