Do you have good fashion? I hope you want to know how to make your own jewelry. The materials you need are a lanyard, plastic beads and jewels, and lots of focus and patience. Sometimes I walk on the beach and find some shells or beach glass that I use for my creations. I like to polish up my finds before threading them on the lanyard. Here is a helpful hint: If you are beading and let go of the lanyard, lots of beads will fall on the floor. Pick them up so someone doesn’t slip on them.

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Here is the best way to make jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and rings: Start by adding a knot at the end of the lanyard before beginning to put on your beads. You can add the beads in any way to make a design you like. When you are done, add a knot at the other end. Now, ask a grown up to gently tie the jewelry on you, and you might need a grown-up to help make the hole punch for the shells.

I hope you have fun following these steps to make your jewelry.