We tested a few “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” action figures and other toys that are out this year.

One action figure we liked was Desert Mission Finn. On the box it says he is a trained warrior desperate to escape his past. Finn is just one of the many action figures you can collect and use your imagination to make your own Star Wars adventures. What we liked about it is you can play with it or just collect it. It’s a winner.

AGES 5 and older

RATING 5 smiles

We also liked “Star Wars” Mr. Potato Head. This includes a head, a coat and a light saber. What I like about it is I could design it the way I want. I also like that it could be Darth Vader and it could be like the real Darth Vader.

AGES 2 and older

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RATING 5 smiles

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Micro Machine Playset. We were able to check out the little Chewbacca and the First Order Star Destroyer Playset. We liked the little playsets and the way they allow us to use our imagination. “Star Wars” stuff is great!

AGES 7 and older

RATING 5 smiles