I think the Super Mario Brothers Combo Chess and Checkers Board Game (USAopoly) is awesome! The Mario side for the chess pieces has the king as Mario, the queen is Luigi, the bishops are Princess Peach and Daisy, the knights are Yoshi, and the rooks are Toad.

The Bowser pieces has the king as Bowser, the queen is Bowser Jr., the bishops are Magikoopa, the knights are Bird-o and the rooks are Goombas.

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The pawns for the Mario side are coins, the Bowser side for pawns are Koopa shells. For checkers, the checkers for one side are Mario and the other side are Luigi. The king pieces for the Mario side are Mario's hat and the king pieces for the Luigi side are Luigi's hat. If you are a Mario fan, I guarantee you will really like it. If you are a fan of Super Mario, you will love this game set, too.

Rating: 5 smiles.