Do you know what a Swagway is? Well, it is a motorized two-wheel hoverboard. It is fun because you can go fast and backward. You can even go in circles. To go backward, lean backward, to go forward lean forward, to go in circles lean one foot forward and one foot backward and bend your knees.

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You know when it is on if you hear a beep for a second then a green light shines in between where you put your feet. You know when it is dying when the green light turns red and it starts beeping.

Did you know that when you are on a Swagway you are actually exercising but it’s still fun? They are also fun because you don’t have to walk and because you get to spin on them. And, by the way, 20 out of 23 kids in my class like them. They are not cheap, though. They can cost around $400. Check them out