Most kids play a sport like soccer or lacrosse, but I am a swimmer. I swim for the LIAC: the Long Island Aquatic Club. We are a competitive swimming team who aim for greatness and work hard to achieve our goals. It is pretty tiring, but it is all worth it. My teammates and I swim six days a week for two hours (three hours on Saturdays), and even go to swim in the morning before school, as well as having evening practices.

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We work really hard because hard work can pay off. I think LIAC is one of the best teams in the country. Some of my teammates have even made it to the Olympic trials, and they were as young as 15. I am a nationally ranked swimmer, and I am very proud of my accomplishments last year in the butterfly and breaststroke.

My older sister was on the team many years ago, and that got me interested in it. I have been swimming for the LIAC since age 6. Want to find out more? Visit