School is super fun but I love the summer. The summer is the best because a lot of families go on vacation, and one of the families is mine. Every single year I go to Lake George in upstate New York.

THE RESTAURANTS They have great food, and if you go, you will never have a problem finding a place to eat.

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THE SHOPPING There is a store for everything. There is a store for ornaments, pool toys, food and toys. I think the best stores are in Bolton Landing, specifically Happy Jacks. Not only does it share a name with me, but it also has unique toys.

THE HIKING Lake George and Bolton Landing have great hiking trails. One of the best, which we hiked last year, is Thomas Mountain. There is an amazing view from the summit. You can sleep at the very top of the mountain in a one-room cabin, but you have to pay for that. You can also visit an area with stone caves and bridges where you can get your own hiking stick, but you have to return it.

But my favorite part about Lake George is Canoe Island Lodge. It is the place I sleep at for a week. This resort has its own island and a restaurant called the Windjammer.

I would recommend that everyone to go to Lake George for family fun. Those are my top places, but to find even more go online to