I have an Estes Alpha model rocket. I have launched it before and it’s amazing. It got at least 200 feet in the air and the parachute works perfectly. My model is about 10 inches tall and about l-inch in width. But to make the rocket fly you will need some things to go with it, like a launch pad and an engine.

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You can get this product online at Estesrockets.com. Part of the fun with this rocket is not just launching it, but building it, too. It takes a little bit of work and you might need your parents’ help, but it is worth it.

The rocket launches by using lift and force to propel it upward. You will need adult help to build and launch. This product is about $50. I love this rocket and I will have it for a long time. I think this is a great birthday gift. This product also shows the science behind the real rockets in this world. You will not need any tools for this product.