The novel “The Last Star” by Rick Yancey (Putnam Books) is about the last few days on Earth. People are betraying and killing others to survive because the Twelfth System, a nanobot technology to keep the world in check, is crashing and that will cause the world to end. The protagonist is Cassie, one of the last survivors, and the novel is in her point of view. The novel takes place mostly at Cassie’s house. I would recommend this novel for other kids to read because it is really funny and has a lot of mystery.

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For example, readers don’t know who is causing the systems to crash. My favorite part of the novel is the ending because everything starts to come together with the climax being solved. My least favorite part of the novel is the start because it takes so long filling you in with lots and lots of background information. Therefore, if you like mysteries, read “The Last Star.”

Rating: 4 smiles