I am a member of my school’s Leaders Club. Being a leader reminds you to do the right thing because the younger grade levels are influenced by your actions.

In order to become a leader in the Nokomis Leaders Club, the fifth-graders submit an essay. If you submit an essay, that means you commit to an agreement that you will be able to attend every meeting. If you are accepted into the Leaders Club, you are able to participate in a lot of school activities, such as helping kindergarten and first-grade classes in physical education class, the holiday toy drive, the Souper Bowl (a soup drive), the bulldog shootout, field day and kindergarten fun day.

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When I go to help the kindergartners in gym, my leaders’ group helps set up the game and create the “do-now” (a warm-up exercise). The other leaders in my group and I help the kindergartners when they are doing tasks incorrectly. For example, in the bowling game they played, many of them placed their fingers incorrectly in the bowling ball so we would help them correct their hands.

In the couple months that I have been a leader and going to help kindergarten in physical education, I have learned to be a better role model. I remember when I was in kindergarten and I looked up to the leaders in gym class so much. I would wave to them when I saw them in the hallways and they would always wave back. They would help us when we needed them, and to this day I still remember their names because I was influenced by them so much.