Theater in a truck? The title is true. Missoula Children’s Theatre is a company that brings the play to a school in a little red truck. Although this doesn’t happen at all schools, it happens at mine, and I love it. It’s a world-renowned company based in Missoula, Montana. They have been touring all over for 35 years. Every year they come to my school.

The program allows kindergarten through sixth-grade students to participate and be in the play. It takes us only one week to practice. When they come to my school, we audition on the first day. We stand in a giant circle in the gym in height order. We tell them our names, and they tell us lines to say, and at the end they give us our roles and scripts.

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The plays they do always have a twist. Maybe they will add some characters or make more problems. They also write new songs. Last year we did “Peter and Wendy,” and the year before we did “Aladdin.”

When we put on the play, we perform at Greenport Elementary School because we don’t have a real stage at our school. We have makeup and costumes. We sit behind the set and curtain until it’s time to go out on stage to sing and act.

They are booking for next school year. Visit