Are you trying out for a sports team? Are you nervous about it? I have had quite a few tryouts this year. Here are some tips for doing your best and increasing the odds of making the team. First, you have to be in great shape. If you are not in top shape, work out a couple of weeks before the tryouts.

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Second, practice the sport over and over again. I recommend getting someone who is better than you to give you some tips and extra practice.

When you arrive at tryouts, introduce yourself to the coach. During the tryout, try your hardest and don't fool around. If the tryout is multiple days, after each day thank the coach and ask him/her what you should improve on. Work to improve on whatever the coach asked you to do. If you do not make the team, be a good sport about it. Stay positive and try out next year. If you do make the team, encourage kids who were cut to try out again.