The book “Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer” by Kelly Jones (Knopf) is very exciting with great surprises. It is about a girl named Sophie who has just moved far away from Los Angeles, where she used to live, and inherits her great-uncle Jim’s chickens. When you meet her first chicken, Henrietta, you start to figure out what the title means. This chicken and all the rest have unusual powers.

Sophie’s chickens are Henrietta, a bantam white leghorn; Chameleon, a barred Plymouth Rock; Roadrunner, a bantam black frizzle Cochin; Rocky, a buff Orpington; and three speckled Sussex.

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Along the way Sophie makes friends. Her best friend’s name is Chris. She also makes an enemy, Ms. Griegson, who tries to steal Sophie’s chickens. Ms. Griegson’s chicken is a shape-shifting chicken that can go from a red-tailed hawk to Rhode Island Red.

I recommend this book if you like comedy and adventure. Or if you like chickens.