This summer will be like no other. This year I applied for a veterinarian camp at Auburn University in Alabama. The program is for five days. I applied to this camp because I love animals and want to care for them and their illnesses. My mom suggested that I look for something that I have a special interest in, and I found this program online.

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While I am there, I will learn what it is like to be a veterinarian. One of the things I will do is examine dogs and cats. Animals, unlike humans, cannot tell you how they feel or what is hurting them. I will also learn about what food animals can and cannot eat. I will learn how to do first aid on animals. I will also enjoy going swimming, playing basketball or kickball, and going on scavenger hunts. At the end of the program there will be a graduation.

Attending this veterinarian program will make this summer a real learning experience for animal lovers and future veterinarians. I will be working with all sorts of animals and many students and vets at this program. I have a pet of my own, a dog, a shiba inu named Katana.