Kidsday reporters Ally Downs, 14, of Westhampton Beach and Luisa McDermott, 10, of Quogue, met with singer and actress Victoria Justice at Planet Hollywood in Manhattan. Victoria is an ambassador of JetBlue's "Soar With Reading" ( program, a summer reading initiative that puts books into the hands of kids who need them. Our reporters talked with her about her favorite books she read while growing up and why reading has been so important to her. She also talked to the kids about being on popular shows such as Nickelodeon's "Victorious" and "Zoey 101" and MTV's "Eye Candy."

What's involved with being an ambassador?

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This is my second time I guess technically being an ambassador for JetBlue for this Soar with Reading Initiative. Basically what I've been doing today is talking to a bunch of different outlets and media, press people and talking about why reading is important to me. That sort of thing. And I'm also going to be reading like a chapter from a book that's going to be on JetBlue flights, which is super cool."

What made you participate in this charity?

"Just the fact like I was telling you that I love reading so much. It's just like such a huge part of my life and to be able to share that with people and to get more people and more kids excited about it. I think it's great because you can learn so much, and you grow so much."