Last summer, I went to a special place, the Statue of Liberty. We had lots of fun when I was there. The only downside was that we didn’t go inside. I’m kind of glad I didn’t because it’s so tall. It would take forever to get to the top of the statue. We took a huge cruise boat to get there. It was so chaotic to get off, you had to wait about 10 minutes just for the thing to stop. Anyway, we had a blast.

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I would recommend going there in the summer, and I also would recommend going into the torch of the statue so you get a great view of the city. There are many places to go in New York City, but I think the Statue of Liberty is the best. It’s amazing to see the statue that represents us. This trip was the best trip of my life, and it will be yours, too, if you go there. You will have lots of fun. Trust me.

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