Last summer, I went on a trip to California. My family went with another family together on this great trip. We visited many places, but my favorite was the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. I saw many different things on the tour.

First, we watched a short movie about the studio. Then we got into a golf cart that drove us around the studio lot. We got to stop and see a few of the sets on the lot. The most interesting was the “Fuller House” set. I took a picture on the stairs of the entrance of the house where the show takes place.

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Then we got to a museum that was on the studio lot. I first went to the second floor. On the second floor, there was a whole exhibit of “Harry Potter” stuff from the movies. I got to sit under the sorting hat, and I was placed into Gryffindor House. On the first floor, there was a whole display of superheroes. I took a picture with all my friends where we pretended that we were in jail. The set was really funny.

Another part of the studio that I saw was the prop building. It was filled with stuff that is used in movies — phones, chairs, tables, statues. I got to pretend that I was the president. I stood behind a podium and talked on the red telephone.

For the last part of the tour, we walked around another museum. There we were able to pretend we were flying on a broomstick like Harry Potter or drive the bat-motorcycle from the Batman movie. They made a movie of me on the broomstick. There was a green screen behind me, but I was watching myself on the screen in front of me. It was showing me flying in the sky and near the water and over the streets.

I was glad I visited. It was a really cool and exciting thing to see. I wish I can go back and take my classmates with me and show them all that I saw!

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