Lights! Camera! Action! are words shouted every morning in the TV studio as student newscasters prepare to broadcast the morning announcements. The students who appear on these announcements are members of the Communications Club, which meets every Friday after school.

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At these weekly meetings, students practice reading announcements aloud to prepare themselves for the day when they will actually be on live television. Most students in this club dream about being broadcast over the television system on morning announcements, but you must first begin your newscasting career by simply speaking over the public address system while reading the afternoon announcements. After you have been on afternoon announcements five times, you may graduate to morning announcements. Morning announcements are taped in a studio that looks as authentic as an NBC studio.

Morning announcements are slightly different from afternoon announcements because students speak over a TV system rather than a loudspeaker, which means that the entire student body not only hears you but also sees you, too. I know from experience this can be nerve-wracking but very rewarding. This club has helped many students (including myself) learn to be more articulate and has improved our public speaking skills, but most importantly, it has helped us gain an immeasurable amount of self-confidence, which will follow us wherever we go.