We live near the end of the North Fork. It’s a lot different from most places on Long Island. It is a little more relaxed and many of us like to have our own gardens. We did a survey of the students in our school to find out how many have their own garden. Here are our results:

Have a garden: 72 percent

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Don’t have a garden: 28 percent

As you can see, many of us like growing things!

Thomas said he started a garden in his front yard with his dad. “As years went on, the trees grew more and more,” he said. “Now each year we have cherries, apples, pears and peaches.”

Declan said his experience with a garden was a bit different. His family had workers build a garden area on their property. “After that, my family has put a ton of different plants in,” he said. “What we get the most of is figs, and they are very great.”