If you are wondering if your friend is a good friend, then good, because we are about to tell you. A friend would have to be nice to you a lot in order to be a good friend. Also a good friend is someone that you do not fight with a lot. That doesn’t mean you don’t fight, but you do understand each other and forgive each other too. A good friend is someone who plays with you and gets along with you. If you are wondering how to get a friend at school, we will tell you:

1. Go out for recess or when you are on the bus.

2. Walk up to them and ask them, “Can I play with you?”

3. When you are done playing ask them (only if they were nice to you) if they would like to be your friend.

4. If they say yes then BAM! You have a friend!

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You should invite your friend to come over to your house to hang out. If your birthday is coming up, you should definitely invite your friend to your party. If your friend invites you to his or her birthday party you should get a very special present. That’s what makes a friend a good friend!