Have you ever had lunch with an author who wrote one of your favorite books? Well, we did. Adam Gidwitz is a great author who visited our school.

From our perspective, he really knows how to do kid talk. At lunch with us, he doesn’t make anyone nervous (well, most of the time). He asked us about the books that we liked to read. It was awesome talking to him and eating pizza for lunch.

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Adam Gidwitz has written many books. They include “A Tale Dark and Grimm,” “In a Glass Grimmly,” “The Grimm Conclusion” and “The Inquisitor’s Tale,” to name a few.

In these books, he mixed the original Grimm fairy tales and added his own style of jokes or “pointers.” They are very interesting and consist of a different style of writing.

We think you should check out these or the actual Grimm fairy tales. To find out more about Adam, visit his website: adamgidwitz.com. Maybe he can visit your school!