This year marks the 75th anniversary of Little Golden Books, which in 1942 started selling full-color, illustrated children’s books for 25 cents each.

After just five months, there were more than 1.5 million copies printed. By 1959, more than 150 Little Golden Books had sold 1 million or more copies. By 2002, more than 2 billion copies had been printed.

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One of the first slogans used to promote the Golden Books line was: “Books and Bread.” In 1947, the books were introduced to supermarkets. One of the original best-selling Golden Books, “The Pokey Little Puppy,” has sold close to 15 million copies over the course of the 1900s and is still one of the most popular titles today.

The average cost of a Little Golden Book today is $4.99 and the books have licenses from movies and TV shows from Disney, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks and Universal.