Here are new books for moms and daughters:

Ever look at an advertisement showing a mom with a perfect child and think, "Are they for real?" Sara Given, an Ohio mom of a toddler, started responding to such fake, posed families on her "It's Like They Know Us" Tumblr blog, attaching humorous sarcastic captions to each photo. It launched in September 2014 and soon had millions of views. Now, Given's compiled her comments into a book called "Parenting Is Easy: You're Probably Just Doing it Wrong" (Workman; $10.95).

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Putnam County dog trainer Lisa J. Edwards has written a part-memoir and part dog-training guide called "Please Don't Bite the Baby (And Please Don't Chase the Dogs): Keeping Our Kids and Our Dogs Safe and Happy Together" (Seal Press, $16). It chronicles Edwards' journey to ensure that her household survived after she introduced her son to her three dogs.

"Below Your Belt: How To Be Queen of Your Pelvic Region" (Women's Health Foundation, $18.95) by Missy Lavender is meant for girls and their mothers. It's a factual guide that talks bones and muscles, bladder and bowel health, ovulation, menstruation and more.

American Girl and Dr. Cara Natterson are also launching a guide for parents and daughters, a three-book set called "The Care & Keeping of Us: A Sharing Collection for Girls and Their Moms." The set includes two How-to-Say-It Books -- one for parent and one for girl -- that provide advice on how to get the conversation going on body basics, hygiene, healthy habits, dealing with friends, social media and more, and a keepsake journal they can use to prompt discussion.