TheBump.com reveals parenting trends to watch for in (Credit: iStock)

TheBump.com reveals parenting trends to watch for in 2014.

Parenting trends of 2014

From viral pregnancy announcements to notable nicknames, abstract nursery art, high-tech baby gear and more, moms-to-be will have plenty of trends to inspire them this year. Here, TheBump.com, a pregnancy and parenting website, released its predictions for the top pregnancy trends for 2014.

Over-the-top birth announcementsThis year, dont expect a call,
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Over-the-top birth announcements

This year, dont expect a call, text or email announcing your friends pregnancy. According to The Bump #SocialMoms survey, 63 percent of moms used social media first to announce their pregnancy. Now, parents are upping the ante with entertaining announcements such as bare-bellied sonogram sketches featuring a fetus inside the womb, coffee stencils that leave the words "I'm pregnant" outlined in a drink and YouTube rap videos.

Abstract nurseriesAccent walls in the nursery are so
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Abstract nurseries

Accent walls in the nursery are so 2013. This year, nursery design is stepping up in a big way with abstract art. Parents are choosing large prints with bright colors, bold shapes and exaggerated strokes. Textures will also play a role in babys room, with felt plush toys, leather gliders, velour accents and faux-fur rugs.

High-tech baby gearIts no surprise that moms today
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High-tech baby gear

Its no surprise that moms today are high-tech and craving innovative gear for their babies. According to The Bump, car seats that install themselves, onesies equipped with a chip that informs you of baby's functions and monitors that snap photos and video of baby and send them to an iPhone are just a few of today's advanced products that moms will be searching for and adding to their registries this year.


Grandma showersForget showering the mom-to-be with gifts to
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Grandma showers

Forget showering the mom-to-be with gifts to celebrate the birth of her little one. In 2014, grandma-to-be is also taking center stage to get her own supply of baby gear. With more and more baby boomer parents taking on the role of nanny to their grandchildren, they too need a car seat, stroller, high chair and other gear that can cost hundreds of dollars. Now, Nanas friends can gift her with the essentials for her new grandbaby.

Registering for relaxationMoms-to-be are not only registering for
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Registering for relaxation

Moms-to-be are not only registering for the basics like car seats, strollers, bottles and clothing, but they're also requesting experiences. New to the game are experiential registries allowing parents to register for massages, date nights, wine tastings (after baby is born!) and other treats to use before or after their little one arrives.

Notable nicknamesParents are naming their babies nicknames instead
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Notable nicknames

Parents are naming their babies nicknames instead of using full-length monikers, according to The Bump. Think: Charlie, Kate, Tommy, Abby, Jack, Maggie or Alex. Some parents are even picking unconventional nicknames like Busy Philipps did with Birdie and Cricket. Another name trend? Unisex names such as Bailey, Dylan, Hadley, Kai, Kennedy and Rowen are a few gender-neutral favorites.

Prenatal barre workoutsExpectant moms are raising the bar
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Prenatal barre workouts

Expectant moms are raising the bar on prenatal exercise. Instead of opting for prenatal yoga and Pilates classes, pregnant moms are choosing the barre workout, which utilizes a ballet barre for a low-impact, full-body workout. Barre workouts to try: Pure Barre, Xtend Barre and the Bar Method.

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