Kids can see sheep being sheared and wool being spun into yarn at the 32nd Annual Sheep to Shawl Festival from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, May 15, at the Kissam House, 434 Park Ave., Huntington, presented by the Huntington Historical Society.

The Colonial art of sheep shearing is described this way on the historical society’s website: “a colonist who was shearing the sheep would have to wrestle the sheep to the ground and then hold it still while he cut off the fleece with a hand shearer, a simple tool that resembled a modern grass clipper. The fleece needed to be cut close to the skin and the shearer had to work downward and outward so he could see where he was cutting next, thus ensuring that the fibers would be long for spinning into wool.”

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Other activities planned for the festival include live music, crafts, petting zoo, face painting and more.

Admission to the festival is free. For more information, call 631-427-7045 ext. 401 or visit