Parents: fad alert. Your kids may be asking for Squishies.

Squishies are similar to stress balls. Kids smush them in their hands. “The fun part is the slow rise back,” says Lori Badanes, owner of the Einstein’s Attic toy store in Northport. “The slower the rise, the more exciting it is.”

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Popular Squishy characters include Millie the Whale, Bille the Whale, a jumbo strawberry, a panda, bread and a peach, says Badanes. She says she orders about 100 Squishies a week for the store and sells most of them for $8.99. Her top price is about $14, but prices elsewhere can hit $21.99.

“They’re very popular for the younger girls, kindergarten through middle school,” Badanes says. She says about 80 percent of her Squishies customers are girls.