If you'd like to create a new family recipe or re-envision an old one with your mother, Lisa "The Baking Coach" Basini will give mother (and child, if desired) a private in-home lesson she calls "Getting Back to the Basics With Mom." The client provides ingredients.

"It's all about making a memory and creating a new tradition," Basini says. "You never forget the time that you spent together when you're in the home making something to eat, especially if it tastes really good because you'll want to do it again."

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In home classes start at $100 and can be shared by up to three people.

Basini also hosts baking and cake decorating classes at her new location at 320 Broadway Greenlawn Rd. in Huntington. Special discounts are offered for adults and children who bake together, so there's a great excuse for mom and daughter or son to spend quality time.

Want a private lesson without making a mess in your kitchen? One-on-one cake decorating is hosted at the Port Jefferson Village Center by appointment only. For more information, class schedules and to buy gift certificates, visit bakingcoach.com or call 631-543-8608.