No surprise that Francisco Costa's vision for the Calvin Klein label is purist. Elongated silhouettes (dresses grazed the knee), sculpted shapes and precise folds (oh, the white shearling trench with a sharp flap -- beautiful) were the hallmark of this black, white, midnight blue (and one lonely bright blue dress) collection.

Slim pants were high-waisted, matte sequins glittered on a few numbers, but the real electricity came from glazed fabrics that looked liquid -- like mercury. It was a nice change to see some old-time models on the runway -- Stella Tennant, for one, wearing a fab, curved coat in midnight.

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The collection was cool; the front row was hot and included Kate Bosworth, Naomi Watts, Kerry Washington and Helena Christensen, who caused a media ruckus. Oh yes, and Whoopi Goldberg (yup!) was there, too.

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