gga2GiftGuide22_BerryBreeze (Credit: berrybreeze.com)

Anyone who has ever opened the refrigerator to find limp, spoiled produce will want BerryBreeze. Place this compact battery-operated device in the refrigerator and its stainless steel vents will time-release activated oxygen, which neutralizes fungus, mold, bacteria and other microbes by inhibiting ethylene gas that triggers decay. It sanitizes the entire refrigerator and keeps drinks, fruit, vegetables, meats, fish and cheese fresh and odor-free two-to-three times longer than normal. Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. $49.98; More information: http://bit.ly/1Gf81JO; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1LmyVLs

Holiday gifts for grandparents and elderly parents

Hugs and homemade cards are great, but grandma, grandpa and good old mom and dad deserve a little something extra this holiday season.

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SoundBase 350

(Credit: zvoxaudio.com)

Turn up the clarity and quality of the sound from a TV with this system that improves dialogue on TV shows, movies and sports broadcasts. ZVOX's AccuVoice technology enables many people with hearing issues to easily understand dialogue even without wearing hearing aids. Its built-in 5.25-inch subwoofer and three speakers give a small profile, making it a great fit for a bedroom. It can stream music wirelessly from a phone or tablet with its Bluetooth connectivity. $249.99; More information: http://bit.ly/1XWyCA0; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1PAy9Cg

10-Year Smoke & Fire Alarm

(Credit: firstalert.com)

First Alert is the only commercially available photoelectric and ionization dual-sensor smoke alarm with a 10-year sealed lithium battery, offering a decade of protection against both smoldering and fast-flaming fires. Sealed into the device, the battery doesn't need to be replaced for the life of the alarm. Its Smart Sensing Technology helps eliminate false alarms and the end of life timer sounds when the unit needs replacement. Includes mounting hardware and is backed by a 10-year limited warranty. $59.99; More information: http://bit.ly/1MtpT4w; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1MVp3t6

Silky Plush Warming Blanket

(Credit: bedbathandbeyond.com)

Therapedic's blanket features preheat technology and a dual-zone programmable digital controller (dual controllers for queen and king sizes) for personalized comfort. Choose from 10 heat settings per zone and a timer that runs from 30 minutes to 12 hours, with auto shut-off and overheat protection . Made from machine washable and dryer-safe polyester plush. Features a five-year manufacturer's warranty. From $79.99; More information: http://bit.ly/1WFwr6H



Thera Cane Massager

(Credit: theracane.com)

This self-massager makes it easy to apply pain-relieving deep compression directly to hard, knotted "trigger points" anywhere on the body, providing temporary relief from muscular tension, stiffness, tenderness and soreness. Pressure applied to the muscles by the Thera Cane helps to maximize blood flow to the muscles. The increased circulation aids in restoring muscle function by breaking up adhesions in muscle fibers and tendons. $47; More information: http://bit.ly/1WH4ITe; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1PAyvc1

Waterproof Furniture Cover Loveseat

(Credit: Sure Fit Inc.)

Protect a loveseat from pets and grandkids with this stylish, waterproof throw. The specially bound seaming and laminated backing protect furniture from spills and accidents. Features a 39-inch backdrop with detachable stay-put strap, quilted texture, polyester fill and a soft, suede-like finish for beauty and comfort. Fits loveseats between 58 and 73 inches long (other sizes available). Comes in five color choices. $55; More information: http://bit.ly/1HzDlOA; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1X8mppH

'Days of Our Lives 50 Years' book

(Credit: Sourcebooks, Inc.)

Fans of the TV series will covet this in-depth photographic journey of the longest-running scripted program in NBC history. Written by Greg Meng, co-executive producer and executive in charge of production of "Days of Our Lives," the coffee-table book includes rare black-and-white and color historical photos highlighting the characters and stories from the run of the series. $34

Jules Smith Interlinked Statement Necklace

(Credit: julessmithdesigns.com)

Whether out to lunch or out on the town, this chain bib necklace by Jules Smith will be the accent piece of any outfit. Made of gold-tone plated metal, the 15-inch necklace (with 3-inch extension) has a lobster clasp closure and a 4.5-inch drop. $49. More Information: http://bit.ly/1NAzHdT

Extra Extra Wide Slippers

(Credit: silverts.com)

These slippers, which come in both men's and women's styles and sizes, have a wide opening, memory foam insoles and Velcro fasteners to accommodate even the most swollen feet and ankles. Provides comfort for those with bunions, corns, hammer toes, foot edema, diabetes and podiatry problems. They are also antibacterial to control odor and are available in a variety of colors. $42.99; More information: http://bit.ly/1NkLjNn (men), http://bit.ly/1HB5VPI (women); Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1NcgSPx



Car Charger

(Credit: Secur Products/ Wish)

This versatile device is a portable power bank and safety tool, yet is small enough to fit into a glovebox, purse or pocket. It provides a USB outlet when inserted in a car's cigarette lighter; it can charge your phone with its 2200 mAh power bank; contains a 150 lumens LED flashlight; has a flashing red emergency light; can be used as an emergency window breaker; or can cut a seat belt in an emergency. Includes a USB charging cable. $34.99; More information: http://bit.ly/1NlgVCJ; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1RHjse7

Customized Scrabble and Monopoly sets

(Credit: Hasbro Inc./CafePress Inc.)

Know someone who loves Scrabble or Monopoly? Now they can own a personalized set, with the game board customized with designs, photos and text you select. Consumers first pick from a multitude of board designs, then select and arrange photos from their Facebook, Picasa, SmugMug or Flickr accounts, or upload images from a computer or mobile device. Each unique, full-size (20 inches by 20 inches), quad-folded game board is printed, packaged and shipped with all the classic game components (racks, letter tiles, tokens, houses, hotels, dice, etc.) They're complete and ready to play. $39.99; More information: http://bit.ly/1SAiam6 (Scrabble) and http://bit.ly/1WIzvd3 (Monopoly)

Mad Hatter Walking Stick

(Credit: royalcanes.com)

This walking stick gives extra support with style. The inlaid knob handle is made from a variety of woods, including rosewood, maple and ovangkol. The shaft is wenge wood, native to Europe and Africa. It is suited for users with a maximum height of 6-foot, 1-inch and a maximum weight of 250 pounds. $99; More information: http://bit.ly/1RGwBEh

Damask Print Plush Robe

gga2GiftGuide22_Mizrahi replace
(Credit: QVC.com)

Mizrahi's elegant damask print robe features long sleeves, a removable waist tie and front patch pockets, complemented by the overlay collar and cuffs in a solid color. Made from plush knit polyester, the robe is generously cut for a relaxed fit and can be machine washed and tumble dried. Available in five different colors and in sizes XXS through 3X. Exclusively at QVC for $49.94; More information: http://qvc.co/1MD75vh

Fair Isle Loftmink Throws

(Credit: QVC)

Cozy up with these ultra-soft Berkshire reversible throws designed by Ellen DeGeneres. For $39.96, you receive a pair: one in a print, the other in a matching solid color. Measuring 50-inches-by-70-inches each, the polyester throws can be machine washed and tumble dried. Each will arrive tied with a ribbon, ready for gift giving. Exclusively at QVC. More information: http://qvc.co/20EuHde



Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

(Credit: hunterhomecomfort.com)

Perfect for heating small areas, the 24-inch tower features a programmable thermostat, a large LED display and motorized oscillation to evenly distribute warmth. It's easy to transport from room-to-room with its integrated handle and its safety switch automatically turns the heater off if it is accidently tipped over. Comes with a multi-function remote control. $49.99; More information: http://bit.ly/1PgDCOs; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1Qcjr4j

Freescape Small Lantern

(Credit: gerbergear.com)

A gentle tap turns on this 80-lumens lantern that will come in handy for camping or during a power outage. Light is emitted through the frosted side lens as well as through the bottom for use either above a table or on it. It is powered by three AA batteries and has an adjustable dimmer. Freescape also is water resistant, so it will keep on shining even if left out overnight in the rain. $59; More information: http://bit.ly/1SzIZGR; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1S9Pxev

Digital Tape Measure

(Credit: etape16.com)

No more leaning and squinting to see the number on the tape measure. As the tape blade is pulled out, eTape16 displays the measurement in its digital window. It also has a dual memory to save measurements; can convert measurements from fractions to decimals, or inches to centimeters; can calculate midpoints; can measure corners without bending the tape; and automatically turns off when not in use for more than 5 minutes. $29.95; More information: https://etape16.com; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1Hx4uln


(Credit: ancestry.com)

It started with family trees and historical records. Now Ancestry.com can help loved ones uncover their ethnic mix, close or distant relatives and new details about family history, all with a simple saliva sample. Once the website receives the sample, it will be compared with others in the world's largest consumer genomics database to identify the people who share that DNA and the ancestor they likely share. $99; More information: http://dna.ancestry.com/

Ultra Grabber

(Credit: Carex Health Brands)

Grab the Ultra Grabber when you can't reach -- or don't want to touch -- an object. Use its rubber cups to pick something off the floor, take a can off a high shelf, change a lightbulb or dispose of an unsanitary item. The metal grabber features a locking mechanism that closes tightly around an object with minimal effort. Ultra Grabber rotates 360 degrees and has a wrist support. $28.65; More information: http://bit.ly/1Qcz8IJ; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1XXTYgi




(Credit: berrybreeze.com)

Anyone who has ever opened the refrigerator to find limp, spoiled produce will want BerryBreeze. Place this compact battery-operated device in the refrigerator and its stainless steel vents will time-release activated oxygen, which neutralizes fungus, mold, bacteria and other microbes by inhibiting ethylene gas that triggers decay. It sanitizes the entire refrigerator and keeps drinks, fruit, vegetables, meats, fish and cheese fresh and odor-free two-to-three times longer than normal. Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. $49.98; More information: http://bit.ly/1Gf81JO; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1LmyVLs

Talking Alarm Clock

grandaprents - alarm clock

MedCenter's talking alarm clock is efficient and convenient for the seniors in your life. Program up to four daily alarms and never miss a daily dose of medicine again; $39.95. More information: http://bit.ly/1MOQG7l; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1O2VlbN

Power Shovel

grandparents - power shovel
(Credit: toro.com)

The alternative to a standard shovel, the Power Shovel is ideal for those who don't have the strength to get the job done the old-fashioned way. There is no maintenance required for this machine, and its adjustable handle makes it easy to maneuver; $129. More information: http://bit.ly/1Gt61Oi; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1i9vlNx

Handy Bar

grandparents - handy bar
(Credit: stander.com)

Getting in and out of the car is hassle-free with the universal Handy Bar, which features a non-slip grip. More information: http://bit.ly/1NvSvZS; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1XtmMgk


grandparents - jitterbug
(Credit: samsung.com )

Technological advances shouldn't stand between you and your loved ones. The Jitterbug, an amplification phone for the hard-of-hearing, makes it easier than ever to communicate, and it's cost effective, too. More information: http://bit.ly/1GsYFKE; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1O2JCde



UGG Birche Slippers

(Credit: Nordstrom)

Your granny might not wear classic UGG boots, but she will delight in these super warm, cushy slippers; $80. More information: http://bit.ly/1RYZaNG; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1MbZvxG

Shoe Dust Bags

(Credit: Henri Bendel)

Pretty dust bags to keep footwear in shape; $58 at Henri Bendel stores. More information: http://bit.ly/1GkP9sP; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1GNsJLC

Gold Gilt First Year Frame

(Credit: Pottery Barn Kids)

Pottery Barn Kids' memory keeper for grandchild's first year will turn into a treasure for the whole family; $69. More information: http://bit.ly/1VZqCeD

Zippered sweater

(Credit: Lord and Taylor)

Snowflake-emblazoned zippered sweater by Black Brown 1826 makes a festive gift; $119 at select Lord and Taylor stores and lordandtaylor.com

Butter knife

(Credit: Etsy)

"Spread a little love" on morning toast with this sweet, hand-stamped butter spreader; $20. More information: http://etsy.me/1NjfHu8; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1PrACOU



Fair Isle throws

(Credit: target.com)

Fair Isle throws by Threshold; $29.99 each at select Target stores and target.com. More information: http://bit.ly/1MOWKNe

'Keep Moving, and Other Tips and Truths About Aging'

(Credit: Weinstein Books)

Eternally boyish, actor Dick Van Dyke is still soft-shoeing through life as he approaches his 90th birthday on Dec. 13. His new book, "Keep Moving, and Other Tips and Truths About Aging," offers late-life insights from the star of "Mary Poppins," "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and "The Dick Van Dyke Show;" $25.99

Fringe Georgia Santa Mug

(Credit: Lord and Taylor)

Cheerful holiday mugs will surely bring a smile; $16.95 at select Lord and Taylor stores. More information: http://bit.ly/1GdiZzz

Beautiful Day Reusable Shopping Tote

(Credit: Kate Spade)

No one can ever have too many sturdy, reusable totes! The Beautiful Day Reusable Shopping Tote from Kate Spade New York rolls up and ties for storage, and is a very generous 15.5- by 15.5 inches. $16; More information: http://bit.ly/1LE9b1U; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1PABPmc

Mount Taygetos herbs

(Credit: Bruce Gilbert)

Noting that there was a distinct lack of Greek comestibles on the North Fork, Joanne Cosonas and Tony Medina opened Agora: The Little Greek Market in Mattituck in June. The bright shop stocks all the basics, including dried herbs from Mount Taygetos, the highest mountain in the Peloponnese. The 8-ounce jars of oregano and basil ($3.49) and mint ($4.49) are available at Agora (610B Pike St., Mattituck). More information: 631-315-5070



A Taste of the North Fork vinegar and olive oil

(Credit: Bruce Gilbert)

A Taste of the North Fork specializes in elegant provisions made with local produce. Dress up any salad with TONF's organic rosemary-infused olive oil (8.4 ounces, $18) and sweet-fennel wine vinegar (8.4 ounces, $13). Available at A Taste of the North Fork (53975 Main Rd., Southold) or online at atasteofthenorthfork.com. More information: 631-734-6100; Rosemary-infused olive oil: http://bit.ly/1jQwfja; Sweet-fennel wine vinegar: http://bit.ly/1GkMejD

Stackable tins

(Credit: Ikea)

Storage can be a challenge, and attractive storage is almost unheard of. Help solve that problem with a set of painted steel Vinter 2015 tins with lids. These stackable tins are suitable for storing cakes, cookies or other dry foods. They can also be stored one inside the other in the unlikely case they're not in constant use. $6.99 for a set of three at Ikea, 1100 Broadway Mall, Hicksville. More information: http://bit.ly/1khfn5x

This Cup Provides Water mug

(Credit: Toms)

Purchase of Tom's 12-ounce mug ensures one week of safe drinking water to a person in need; $24, available in November at toms.com.

Home Flannel Sheet Set

(Credit: JC Penney/ Inc.)

Cozy up to sweet dreams with this soft JCPenney Home Flannel Sheet Set in Fairisle Print. Available in six sizes from twin to California king, each set has a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases (one each for twin and twin XL sets). Made of machine-washable imported cotton. $65-$135 at select JCPenney stores and jcpenney.com; More information: http://jcp.is/1Lq1hb5


(Credit: Biaggi.com)

This ingenious lightweight, spacious four-wheel "spinner" luggage folds to the size of a small briefcase when not in use. The 22-inch Zipsack can hold a week's worth of clothing, pulls easily with enclosed strap and comes in hot new colors. $70 from biaggi.com. More information: http://bit.ly/1LEUsAm; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1M6SBDx



Compression Socks

(Credit: VIM & VIGR)

Move over, beige, there's a stylin' new compression sock in town. Who knew these long-haul plane ride must-haves, with advanced Gradient Pressure knitting technology to improve circulation and alleviate leg swelling, could be so fashion-forward? $32.95 from vimvigr.com. More information: http://bit.ly/1GikkFu


(Credit: ThinOptics)

ThinOptics are reading glasses that fit in a credit-card-sized case that adheres to the back of your cellphone and comfortably clamp to the bridge of your nose. You will never misplace those menu readers again. Glasses and phone case $38.95 from thinoptics.com; More information: http://bit.ly/1RqyK6u; Find the best price: http://bit.ly/1Xkg6RR

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