Don’t expect pointy bras and risqué corsets when the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target line debuts Sunday.

The bad-boy French designer, perhaps best known for creating the outlandish costumes for Madonna’s world tours in the ’90s, has created a collection he says is a tribute to the American woman.

Of course, he doesn’t mean any old American woman. He’s talking those who embrace the styles of pop culture, whether rock ‘n roll chic, Hollywood glamor or punk. “From ingénue to rock 'n roll, this collection celebrates women of all ages and a host of distinctive, iconic American styles,” he said in press materials.

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The most expensive piece in the line is a leather motorcycle jacket, $199.99. But a graphic “face” tee is only $19.99, and there’s a great khaki trench with striping detail for $59.99.