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This isn't just any baseball jacket -- this
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This isn't just any baseball jacket -- this version has subtle but slick detail on the sleeves for a look that's both athletic and urban cool. Quilted Sleeve Baseball Jacket; $189.50 at select Club Monaco shops and clubmonaco.com.(Credit: Handout)

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Men's fall fashion

Funny thing, about men's fashion -- trends evolve slowly. We're talking sloooowly. Multiple o's.

So when you hear that burgundy, cardigans and tweed are three strong trends for fall -- which is what analysts are saying this season -- it's hard not to, well, laugh.

Tweed? Cardigans? For FALL?? Stop the presses!!

"Yes, it's true," says Tom Julian, smiling. He works with The Doneger Group, a major name in the fashion forecast biz, and he admits that menswear trends sometimes sound a little yeah-and-what- else-is-new?

For guys, he says, it's not so much what's being worn -- but how.

Burgundy, once relegated to grandpa's fuddy-duddy rep ties and wingtips, is now everywhere, and fired up in saturated shades.

"It used to be a gentleman's dress-up color," says Julian. "Now it's popping up in activewear, casual sportswear -- you name it."

Cardigans, too, a preppy staple, are now doing double-duty as windbreakers or (when worn with a tie) a blazer alternative.

Tweed is also looking fresh thanks to slimmer-cut jackets and overcoats, says Nordstrom fashion director Jorge Valls. Today's tweed has a more youthful vibe, he says, and looks smart paired with a soft messenger bag or duffel -- also hot for fall. "It's a bag your grandfather might have had but used on the weekend -- it feels familiar, and functional," says Valls.

"I have several soft bags," he adds, then laughs. "Come to think of it, I don't really have a traditional briefcase." -- Joseph V. Amodio

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