The dog ate my shoes and now they cost $1,425.

Buy a pair of inexpensive high tops.  Rub them with meat. Leave them with a teething dog, and voila!  You’ll end up with kicks that bear a remarkable resemblance to the “Future Destroyed High-Top Sneaker” by Belgian designer Maison Margiela with chunks of the exterior missing, a slashed tongue and scuffed exterior.  And they’re selling at Neiman Marcus for, gulp, $1,425.

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The chew toy sneaks come on the (ahem) heels of news of pre-mud splattered jeans being sold at Nordstrom for $425.  Why this move towards distinctly unrefined and arguably unattractive fashion?  In an unrelated article, designer Philip Lim told, “Women’s Wear Daily, “I’ve never felt fashion to be so unfashionable as it is today…” 

Has that ubiquitous frayed, ripped, deconstructed, fringed trend gone too far?  You be the judge.