Many women visit Roosevelt Field mall on a given day in search of perfect-fitting jeans — but few find themselves part of a national ad campaign while on the hunt.

Roslyn resident Gabrielle Sara Brichta and Donna Crawbuck of Plainview are among the 300 or so women who took part in the NYDJ National Fit Tour, which also visited malls in San Diego and Minneapolis in April.

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As part of its casting, the brand fit women ages 14 to 80 and sizes 0 to 24 in jeans from its fall collection and provided hair and makeup on the spot before photographing them for the campaign.

“I was shopping in the mall on a Saturday and saw a lot of excitement,” Crawbuck, 48, says. “When a girl from NYDJ approached me . . . I jumped at the chance.”

It was the first modeling opportunity for Brichta, 20, a student at Binghamton University, who was photographed with her mother, Galit, for the campaign, and Crawbuck, a stay-at-home mom. “I was very excited to see my photo of me and my mother on the website,” Brichta says. “I felt like a million dollars.”