There are certain Mother's Day gifts you'll never forget. For Laurie Scheinman, it's a classic, single strand of pearls passed down from her great-grandmother to her grandmother to her mother and then to her after she gave birth to her first child. The pearls themselves are swell, but it's the poignant history behind them that touches her heart.

"It's one of the reasons I carry unique vintage items in my shop," says Scheinman, who is now a Port Washington mother of five, juggling two careers -- one as a child and family therapist, the other as the owner of Wit & Whim, a philanthropic gift shop also in Port Washington.

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The place is an eclectic treasure trove of vintage Americana and modern gear, from vibrant, hand-embroidered fair trade blankets ($125) and one-of-a-kind leather and rhinestone cuff bracelets ($95), to handmade sonogram frames for moms-to-be ($40) and charm necklaces made with old Monopoly game pieces ($30).

The goods "are memorable and have stories of their own," she says.

Best of all, the profits from the store go to local and national charities, like the Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation and the American Red Cross.