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Badgley Mischka at New York Fashion Week: Designer Q&A

Mark Badgley and James Mischka before their New

Mark Badgley and James Mischka before their New York Fashion Week show at Lincoln Center. #newsdaybackstage #nyfw @badgleymischka (Credit: Nina Ruggiero)

Behind the countless iconic Badgley Mischka red carpet gowns seen on celebrities for years is one powerful designing duo: Mark Badgley and James Mischka. We caught up with them before they sent their glamorous-as-ever spring 2014 collection down the runway.

What was the inspiration behind this collection?

Mischka: We kind of took it on a virtual tour of seaside resorts around the world; of women on the boardwalk, by the pool, having lunch under the umbrellas . . . and then we took our woman on a yacht into the Agean sea and she dives into the sea and emerges as a mermaid.

Badgley: For day, she's slightly tailored, it's all midnight and oyster, a very polished, put-together look and beautiful daytime fabrics; everything has texture. For evening, our girl for spring doesn't want a black dress. She's worn black all fall, so it's really a celebration of color. It's all these beautiful under the sea colors, like those beautiful tropical fish you see that almost kind of glow.

Which of you deals with Fashion Week stress better?

Mischka: I'd say we're equal.

Badgley: We're both Capricorns.

Mischka: That means we appear calm on the outside, but we're not calm on the inside. 

Which celebrity do you hope to dress next?

Mischka: We haven't dressed Jennifer Lawrence.

Badgley: I like her because she's so fun but she's so already sort of an iconic Old World glamour queen. She's a unique combination. She'd probably be the top of our list.

What has been your best Fashion Week moment of all time?

Mischka: [Laughs] How about worst?

What's been the worst?

Mischka: The worst one for us was, we were backstage, and one of the lighting guys was carrying a boom, and he went around and knocked me in the head and they found me under the stairway passed out.

Badgley: As we were setting up the first girl, I find James ... he was passed out under a curtain over there, and his face was like this [eyes closed, mouth agape]. 

Mischka: That was not one of the best moments.

Badgley: That was a backstage glitch.