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Betsey Johnson: Her usual too-too and tutus

A model walks the runway at the Betsey

A model walks the runway at the Betsey Johnson Fall 2012 fashion show. (Feb. 13, 2012) (Credit: Getty Images)

Betsey Johnson’s runway show, entitled “Betseymania,” recalls those early days in the 1960s when Beatlemania was all the rage, and teenagers wept at the mere sight of the mop-topped four. Before any clothes hit the runway, in fact, Johnson played video footage of such weeping teens. Ohhh, but if there’s anything that could cheer those gals up, it’s Johnson’s clothes (and attitude), which remain unflinchingly rebellious and electric.

The collection relied on Johnson’s strengths—tutus and other massive party skirts, spangles and sparkles, and high-wattage shades like hot pink and orange.

Many of the skirts looked like the kind of thing a child would draw, from a tutu to a citron, rose-print strapless, to a dress shaped like a mushroom or dollop of meringue. She tosses in other looks, like a three-piece suit with shrunken vest, or a glittery pink and silver mini dress that seemed to be crying out to Miley Cyrus, wherever she is.

No Johnson runway show is complete, of course, without the designer’s signature cartwheel. She was up (make that upside down) for the challenge. And landed in a split. Proving that the designer is as strong—and cheeky—as her designs. But you knew that.

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