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Duran Duran's John Taylor recalls Whitney Houston

Duran Duran’s John Taylor took time out from admiring the Skaist-Taylor fashion presentation Sunday — his wife, Gela Nash-Taylor, of Juicy Couture fame, is co-founder of the new brand — to discuss the death of Whitney Houston. His take on the Queen of Pop?

“It’s one of those surprises that isn’t a complete surprise,” said Taylor. “I don’t think anyone felt too comfortable when she was on ‘Oprah,’ ” he said, referring to Houston’s 2009 appearance on the “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” in which the Grammy-winning singer revealed shockingly candid details about her drug use with ex-husband Bobby Brown, all in an effort to promote her supposed recovery and (hoped-for) comeback.

“She just didn’t seem fully … well,” Taylor continued. “There was something so fragile about her then. And tragic. And she’d never been tragic — she’d always been known for being … and sounding … triumphant. People wanted her to remain triumphant, but she became this other kind of symbol.”

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