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Donna Karan Spring 2015 collection: Wearable art

A model walks the runway at the Donna

(Credit: AP / Bebeto Matthews)

Inspiration: True that New York is always at the core of every collection Donna Karan designs, but for her Spring 2015 lineup, which was dubbed “The Art of the Street,” she traveled afar for inspiration — India, Bali, Africa and Haiti — and then returned home.

The vibe: Sexy and cool with just a dab of ’50s sweet, Karan mixed up a provocative cocktail of looks that had equally strong shots...

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Donna Karan: An emotional 30th anniversary / Fall 2014

A model walks the runway at the Donna

(Credit: Getty Images / Neilson Barnard)

Inspiration: A mesmerizing film by Steven Sebring played on a giant screen backing Donna Karan’s runway on Wall Street depicting abstract dancerly bodies. In her notes, Karan said, “I needed to express a woman’s soul and spirit from the inside out.” But, it’s fair to say that Karan used her own iconic pieces as inspiration – these celebrated and updated – all beginning with the bodysuit.


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DKNY gets real: Fall 2014

A model walks the runway for the DKNY

(Credit: Bruce Gilbert)

Inspiration:  Well, of course DKNY is all about celebrating the city, but for Fall 2014 Donna Karan added something real into the mix, as in real people. To illustrate the diversity of the city, regular folks (though beautiful, interesting ones), walked her runway intermingled with model types. There was a tattoo artist, a musician and even a biologist who stalked the catwalk (and stalk they...

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Donna Karan at New York Fashion Week is inspired by scarves

A model walks the runway at the Donna

(Credit: Getty Images)

On a trip to India, Donna Karan found a scarf that inspired her spring 2014 collection.  WHile the lineup boasted Karan's signature urban flair there was more than a  touch of the exotic.

Karan’s earthy angels donned sometimes-translucent day-to-night stretch dresses, some with graphic hand blocking that skimmed bodies like halos, but simmered with sensuality.

For Karan, who...

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DKNY: Celebrating a 25th birthday

At the DKNY women's show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion

(Credit: Getty Images)

It’s hard to believe that the Donna Karan’s DKNY line has been around for 25 years -- it seems like only yesterday that the feisty brand was born. For her show on Sunday afternoon, Karan made one thing perfectly clear: Age has done nothing to dampen the spirits of the exuberant brand, which remains as relevant as ever.

Here boy-meets-girl repeatedly: boyfriend jackets, stretched white shirtdresses,...

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Donna Karan: New jersey (the fabric, not the state)

Every piece in Donna Karan's Fall 2013 collection

(Credit: Getty Images)

Donna Karan’s models had black, smudged eyes and sleek, high, swingy ponytails wrapped tightly at the base, creating a contradictory canvas that was simultaneously primitive and sophisticated.

Her stretch jersey-centric collection sent out that very same vibe. And if you give Karan jersey to work with, well she can do practically anything.

So, this time around, Karan went savage glam...

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Video: DKNY goes big

Donna Karan walks the runway at the end

(Credit: AP)

If there’s been one show, so far, that’s brought out the lust factor of the assembled fashion flock, it may well be DKNY.

With frosty temps and slushy streets, nothing seemed more appealing than the brand’s oversized bomber coat, a cushy elongated job of neoprene, that hit below the knee, and looked as warm as all get-out. Seatmates on both sides at the show whispered, “I want that.”


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Donna Karan: City and beach collide

The models at Donna Karan's Spring 2013 show

(Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

A cityscape collided with nature on Donna Karan’s runway Monday, where the designer rolled two of her passions -- NYC and the beach -- into one stunning collection. Her inspiration was light – reflections off the glass and steel in the city, and the illumination of the sand, sky and water at the beach.

The models here, made up with red-rimmed eyes and donning sculpted Lucite headpieces, looked...

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DKNY: Street chic

The color scape at the DKNY Spring/Summer 2013

(Credit: Getty Images)

An enormous photograph of a city street was the backdrop for the spunky, citified runway romp at DKNY. Pre-show, Donna Karan said, “It’s 100 percent New York and 100 percent DKNY. I would wear everything in this collection.” And so would many.

The color scape here was classic Donna: black, white, silver and a blaring pop of taxi yellow. For spring, loads of essential wardrobe pieces, such...

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