Not surprisingly,  Usher is heavily promoting VIP, his newest fragrance for men (he has five), for the holiday, and he’s not playing coy about its, um, staying powers.  

“All the guys on my holiday list will be getting (it).  It’s sure to be a hit with the ladies, because once everything comes off VIP stays on.”  Okayyyy, the scent – very nice -- (packaged in cognac-inspired bottles) that includes notes of tangerine, bergamot, kumquat, nutmeg, violet leaf, lotus flower and suede, is one you hope will, er, linger clothing or not.  

Natch, the pop star strongly recommends the potent potion as,  "the perfect holiday gift for a woman to give her man."

The eau de toilette spray comes in two sizes and retails for $50 and $65 at Macy’s.   And if you really, really love it and want it to last…heck, maybe forever…there’s a whole line of VIP grooming products including deodorant. 

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