The fireplace blazed at an upper eastside mansion where Victoria Beckham personally greeted some two dozen members of the press. This was not a frenzied celeb happening but instead a thoughtful presentation of 26 stunning dresses, each earnestly described by Beckham.

Her inspiration this season? Forties style Dick Tracy shapes and colors, combined with a Martha Graham-like fluidity. The result was a series of disciplined, beautifully cut and draped pieces that were seductive yet restrained. Some were meant for perfect bodies (Beckham will wear one of these to the Oscars, a tan liquid silk jersey job). Others were more forgiving (think Jennifer Hudson in Beckham at the Grammys).

A gown in vivid sapphire blue was, said, Beckham, “the sexiest,” in the collection though it was neither tight nor revealing. There were stellar black dresses, one, she called a “black orchid” because of its gathered hem, and her own personal favorite, a tan blurred pixel print -- cloud-like.

Graphic platformed stilettos by Brian Atwood -- some dyed-to-match -- went with everything. Also quite nice, butlers serving coffee and sweets by chef Gordon Ramsey.

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Got to say it, all in all, a thoroughly posh affair.

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