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To drinkers of a certain generation, "Long Island
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To drinkers of a certain generation, "Long Island iced tea" calls to mind unbridled revelry, but Long Beach-based Long Island Iced Tea is nothing more than flavored tea, and is suitable for children and teetotalers. The brand's founder, Phil Thomas, was raised in New Hyde Park and named his beverage line with a wink. The teas come in eight flavors: (lemon, peach, raspberry, unsweetened lemon, half and half (iced tea and lemonade), diet peach, diet lemon and green tea and honey. They contain no high-fructose corn syrup. The 20-ounce bottles cost about $2 at Stop & Shop, ShopRite and King Kullen. For more information, go to longislandicedtea.com.(Credit: Long Island Iced Tea)

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