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A boy-to-girl room makeover

When her two brothers each married in 2011, 24-year-old Samantha DeVine got a gift as well — a larger room in her parents’ Seaford home. “Her old room was so small, all she could fit in it was her bed,” says mom Susan DeVine, 54, who works from home doing data entry. “We’d been planning for a while because we knew she was moving into that room.” The two described the whirlwind two-week process as a scavenger hunt that included the local Salvation Army, garage sales, thrift shops and craigslist.com. The room’s decor started with Samantha’s love of all things Tiffany. “I wanted that color on the walls.” Susan, who acknowledges her tastes are “more toned down,” was concerned the color would be too overwhelming. “It was amazing when we saw it on the wall,” Susan says. Total: $480 -- SYLVIA E. KING-COHEN