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A farmhouse kitchen gets an update

Megan and Christopher Eilers weren’t crazy about the kitchen in their Mattituck home, but they didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth. The two rent their farmhouse from Megan’s uncle and aunt. “They were kind of hesitant when we said we wanted to make over the kitchen,” Megan remembers. The old kitchen was long, lacked storage, used living room lamps for lighting and had old-fashioned linoleum flooring that was scratched from the couple’s dogs running across it. “The kitchen was rough-looking and hard to work with,” says Megan, 33, who got help with the makeover from designer Lori Guyer, owner of the eclectic White Flower Farmhouse in Peconic. The two took up the gauntlet thrown down by Megan’s husband. Christopher, 29, had challenged the pair to get it done for less than $2,000. Total: $1,775 (Guyer’s usual fee for a room makeover of this type would be $1,000.) -- SYLVIA E. KING-COHEN