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'Going Bananas' for daylilies

'Going Bananas' daylily puts on quite an elegant

'Going Bananas' daylily puts on quite an elegant show. (Credit: Proven Winners)

So, last year Proven Winners sent me a trial plant of a brand-new, unreleased-at-the-time daylily called "Going Bananas'. If you follow me on Facebook, you're familiar with my raves from last summer.

This yellow beauty is so much prettier than the go-to Stella de Oro, and bloomed more or less continuously — as opposed to repeatedly — all summer long. It's more of a muted yellow, creamy actually, which to me looks more elegant than the other yellow daylilies out there.

Problem is now I want more! One just won't cut it when I can dot my border with seven.  They're being released this spring, so I called around a bit this morning and came up empty, but I'm keeping my feelers out and will let you know when I find them. Should you spot them sooner, do me a solid and give me a heads-up. I'll give you props, promise.

Tags: perennials

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