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USDA approves Monsanto drought-resistant corn

Genetically modified foods are grown from seeds which

Genetically modified foods are grown from seeds which DNA have been engineered to include foreign genes (Credit: iStock)

There's one more GMO food to add to the Frankenfood pile: corn engineered to withstand drought.

Monsanto‚Äôs genetically engineered, drought-resistant corn variety -- appetizingly named "MON 87460" -- was deregulated last week by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, which means it's cleared for sale and likely will end up in your supermarket produce department soon. Oh, and you won't know whether you're buying MON 87460 or conventional corn because there won't be any labels indicating which is which.

The USDA said it approved the variety after determining it does not pose a risk. Bt-altered corn already has been approved; it contains a gene that acts like a pesticide to thwart pest damage. 

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