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Daylight Saving Time returns Sunday!

Custodian Ray Keen inspects a clock face before

(Credit: AP / Charlie Riedel)

Standard time comes to an end at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 9, 2014, and although we'll technically be losing an hour of sleep as we "spring ahead," we'll be gaining an hour of sunlight, which is more than fine with me.

It's been cold and unforgiving all winter, and there's nothing like the blaring sun to make me feel alive again. Returning home from work in the dark has had me wanting to put on...

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How to remove English ivy

English ivy vines overtake part of a tree.

(Credit: Handout)

The holidays are here, so pick a nice day to deck your halls with English ivy.

First, don a pair of rubber gloves--a vine you grab may be poison ivy. Using pruners, cut away some nice vines from the base of a tree that's overladen with English ivy and gently pull them off the tree, being careful not to injure the bark. And while you're at it, cut away all the ivy at the base. This time, don't...

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Frost vs. Freeze: What's the difference to plants?

Plants should be protected against damaging frosts and

(Credit: Joseph O'Brien, USDA Forest Service)

It's snowing outside, and my thermostat tells me it's 34 degrees, but this could only be the tip of the iceberg, so to speak: Long Island could be headed into a deep freeze this week, beginning with potentially plant-killing temperatures tonight into tomorrow morning. If you haven't already, bring in your tropicals, tender perennials, herbs and vacationing houseplants -- immediately.


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Out with daylight saving time, in with standard time

Can switching back to Standard Time be bad

(Credit: Handout)

Daylight saving time 2013 will end Sunday at 2 a.m., so it'll be best to set your clocks back an hour before retiring for the night on Saturday. Soon, many of us can expect to wake up in the dark, and come home from work in the dark, too, as there's more than the clock at play: The time shift will be compounded by shorter day lengths. That might seem like a double whammy, but it is standard time,...

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Electronics giant Sharp entering the strawberry business

Electronics company Sharp is trying its hand at

(Credit: Randee Daddona)

Although I appreciate the ideology, I'm not a strict locavore. I enjoy mangoes in New York, apples in summer and tomatoes during winter. O.K., I don't actually enjoy tomatoes during winter. I tolerate them. But you get the point. For the most part, I generally take my food from wherever it comes. Still, news this morning that electronics giant Sharp -- the TV and stereo manufacturer -- was getting...

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Northport grower wins Great Long Island Tomato Challenge

William Bouziotis holds up his 3 lb., 5

(Credit: Ed Betz)

They came with baskets and boxes, cut-up cartons and dish towels, bowls and food storage containers. And each of those concealed one thing: a homegrown tomato that held the promise of victory.

About 110 tomato growers and their families came from all over Long Island on Aug. 23 to line up at my scale and compete for the title of Tomato King or Queen. The heaviest entry and first-place winner...

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Tomato Challenge tomorrow

Gary Schaffer of Lindenhurst, with his wife, Linda,

(Credit: Nicole Horton)

There's only one more day until the 2013 Great Long Island Tomato Challenge! Bring your heaviest, homegrown tomato to Newsday (235 Pinelawn Rd., Melville) tomorrow at 7 p.m. I'll weigh it, regale you with some tomato lore and crown this year's Tomato King or Queen.

Take LIE Exit 49S and drive up to Pinelawn Road. Turn south on Pinelawn Road and proceed straight for about 2 miles. Newsday's...

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Allan Armitage, fall gardening symposium and Longhouse Reserve

Allan Armitage will be the keynote speaker at

(Credit: Handout)

The Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County and The Plantage are presenting a Fall Gardening Symposium on Saturday, Sept. 21 in East Hampton, and the best part is that the widely respected, world reknowned Allan Armitage will be the keynote speaker.

Armitage is a horticulturist, author, researcher and professor emeritus at the University of Georgia, where he also oversees the research...

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Featured tomato grower: Michelle from Great Neck

This week's crop, grown by Michele in Great

(Credit: Handout)

Michelle from Great Neck has been gardening with her parents since she was 5 years old. Now, she says, "growing heirloom tomatoes has become a bit of a passion for our family."

She sends in this photo of her weekly bounty, but fears it won't "still be good on the weigh-in date."

We hope to see Michelle -- and other tomato-growing readers -- at The Great Long Island...

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Featured tomato grower: Alex Perros

Alex Perros of East Meadow with his two

(Credit: Handout)

Alex Perros of East Meadow has two babies: His "attack dog," Bear, and his Brandywine and Beefsteak tomatoes. "This one is 1.5 pounds," he wrote recently, referring to one of the latter.

What's his secret? "I use just a little old-fashioned TLC," Perros told me. "Not a lot of water in the beginning of the growing phase, and the plants have to be placed where...

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